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12 posts about the #FestivalOfTrees that will make you think you were there

The Festival of Trees is back in the Salt Lake Valley, and it’s already proved to be a spirited affair.

The festival, which is hosted at the South Towne Center at 9575 S. State St. from Wednesday to Saturday, raises money for the Primary Children’s Hospital, according to the Deseret News. Last year — its 45th year of existence — the Festival of Trees earned $2.3 million for charity from selling wreaths, trees and centerpieces, among other items.

More than 800 trees were auctioned off Tuesday. Setting up and taking down the trees can be an arduous process for the decorators, since each tree is “reinforced with rebar and clamps, and all ornamentation is glued and wired in place,” according to the Deseret News.

"We really do our best to minimize damage," said Amanda Louder, who has overseen the delivery efforts for the past two years, to the Deseret News. "It is a very challenging process. For me, it's kind of in my wheelhouse. It's just a fun puzzle to figure out."

But the festival is more than just trees and wreaths for sale. It’s full of school dance clubs, visits with Santa and general holiday merriment.

You can view a wide range of photos of the event here.

But to get a full glimpse of the event, here are 12 social media posts shared from the Festival of Trees that’ll make you feel as if you were actually there.