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Boys basketball: 2A Layton Christian Academy runs past 5A's West High

Photo gallery: They did it again. For the second time in a week the 2A Eagles from Layton Christian Academy upset a 5A program. The West Panthers became the latest victim as LCA’s smothering defense and high-paced offense resulted in a 75-58 Eagles victory. Christians Gutierrez led all scorers with 26 points while adding 10 rebounds.

LCA's other double-digit contributors were Chan Hargraves (17 points), Pedro Silva (10), and Sano Gasana (12). The Panthers were led by junior Cole Dunkley with 15 points. Bobby Porter’s Eagles improve to 2-1, while West High School first-year head coach Dave Hammer, last year’s head coach for the LCA women, sink to 0-3.