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Letter: Middle East peace

As I am sitting here watching John Kerry try to rationalize the Obama administration's betrayal of Israel, I realize how delusional they really are. If a "Two State Solution" is ever achieved, the Palestinian State will just become a staging area for the final assault on Israel and will be absorbed by Syria and Jordan afterwards.

Kerry knows this, Obama knows this, every member of the U.N. knows this and yet they still push this lie to convince the American people that their goal is Middle East peace.

The truth is that there will never be "peace" in the Middle East. If Israel disappeared tomorrow, the Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites, would be killing each other until the end of time. Our best hope for "peace" in the Middle East is a balance of power like on the Korean Peninsula where no side is strong enough to defeat the other.

Michael Pacer

Paso Robles, California