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Deseret News' favorite quotes of 2016

Deseret News writers have covered a wide range of topics during the year 2016 and have conducted a variety of interviews, some in the wake of tragedy, some after winning a big game and some surrounding significant news events. We found that people say some really interesting things and wanted to share some of our favorite quotes from 2016 with you.

Thank you for reading Deseret News in 2016. We appreciate your readership and look forward to finding what 2017 has in store for all of us.

Favorite Sports Quotes of 2016

“I remember having (a) spiritual experience, praying, and just thinking, ‘I don’t know if I should do this.’ But I just felt like ‘I’m supposed to do this. I’m supposed to be a runner.’" — Jared Ward, Olympic Marathon runner

“I don’t believe in coincidences. The Lord has a plan for all of us, and I think this was just part of his plan.” — Reno Mahe, BYU football assistant coach, on his daughter Elsie's passing

“When he took over, I think the MUSS (Mighty Utah Student Section) was about 60 people up in the stands and a couple of dogs running around. That was it. He, I guess, is the godfather of the MUSS and really is the one responsible for building it and developing it and it is what it is today because of John Fackler.” — Utah football head coach Kyle Whittingham on John Fackler, former head of the MUSS

"I don't know. Maybe she cried because she was happy." — Jazz center Rudy Gobert on Atlanta center Dwight Howard's mom crying when the center joked that he'd signed with Utah this offseason

“Coach Edwards was always an example of what you would want your football players to observe, then emulate. One of LaVell’s many admirable characteristics is his constancy, his stability. If we won, he was happy, but his delight was always modest. And if we lost, life was still good because he had Patti and his children, he had his players, and he had his faith.” — Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on former BYU head coach LaVell Edwards

“I’m just trying to show up every workout and show the people and the coaches why I’m the best player there, why I’m better than everybody else. I’m just trying to go out there and kill people, just have that mindset and chip on my shoulder.” — Joel Bolomboy, Weber State basketball player, on workouts prior to the NBA draft

“I’m pretty sure they (UCLA) were tired of seeing the back of my head, running down the field.” — Joe Williams, University of Utah football player

"While I’m here, I want Utah to win every game but the one we play against them." — BYU football head coach Kalani Sitake on Utah rivalry

Favorite Faith and Family Features Quotes of 2016

"Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone.” — Lindsey Stirling, popular YouTube dancing violinist

“I still have my ups and downs, but it’s where I go when I have my downs and my ups that really determines my happiness.” — Brandon Sulser, a Utah man who has survived four near-death experiences

"Our world is in need of kindness and love and focusing on how to help each other and lifting each other up. What better place to start than with little kids, who are our future?” — Sarah Linden, author of "North Pole Ninjas"

“I feel like, in that moment, I saw this eternal perspective that I couldn’t see before ... that was so much greater and grander than anything I ever experienced in Hollywood.” — Chelsie Hightower, professional dancer from "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance," on receiving her endowment in an LDS temple

"I realized people who say you should live like you are dying, they don’t know what they’re talking about because it’s miserable. So I’ve really learned to live — not live like you’re dying but just live each day like you have a life to live. We all don’t know how long we have on the Earth. I’m lucky because I’ve been given a disease that’s given me a perspective that I can appreciate it while I’m here. We all could be so lucky to be given that kind of perspective and true appreciation for every day." — Mackenzie Unga, an LDS woman battling a lung disease

"When I think about resurrection, I don't think of it in terms of curing blindness. I think of it in terms of blindness not being an issue." — Rev. Eric Pridmore, a blind pastor, on bodily resurrection

"There are an awful lot of good people of all faiths who are working hard to make this world a better place, who are really trying to do good things. For me, this temple experience has given me a greater appreciation for the true goodness of people." — John Taylor, director of interfaith relations for the LDS Church, in talking about the interfaith relations generated by the new Philadelphia temple

“If we wait to be 100 percent qualified for anything, we’re never going to do it.” — Rosemary Card, founder of Q.Noor temple dress company, on taking a leap of faith in starting a company

Favorite News Division and InDepth story quotes of 2016

“A lot of journalists are wishing — and we’re wishing — that we’d looked harder at Trump sooner. We see this in retrospect. The assumption was he’d go away. Don’t assume just because he’s not to a journalist’s taste that he won’t be to the taste of voters." — World Magazine editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky, on the news outlet's take on Donald Trump's unconventional candidacy in March 2016

"I can't feel my toes, I can't feel my fingers and I can't feel my face, but my heart is on fire because of this crowd." — Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox on the crowd gathering to oppose the new Bears Ears National Monument covering 1.35 million acres

"If you have an empty seat, fill the seat. As hard as it is, reach out and fill the seat, because usually what will happen is something wonderful." — Jason Hanson, a West Point resident, talking about how his family has remained strong after their 16-year-old daughter, Kennedy, died of a rare genetic disorder

“Children just need time, time to explore and raw materials to play. You don’t need a grant or anything. You just need some baskets of stones.” — Gail Nadal, director of early childhood education at the Yolo County Office of Education in Northern California

“You get tired of just being tired. Tired of living with people on their couch, renting rooms, tired of knowing it’s never gonna change and all on top of the fact that you have to be able to provide to your child. Lives are not built on hopes and dreams. You gotta have money.” — Washington, D.C., resident Behrooz Bakhtiary, who struggled with the digital divide

"It's like a castle of cards. When one starts falling, then the rest fall. I could see the cards were going to fall where they are now. From then, I knew we had to take the town in this direction in order to survive." — Vineyard Mayor Randy Farnworth, on plans to accommodate his town's extraordinary growth, which began after Geneva Steel property was sold and farmers began selling their land to developers. Last year, Vineyard's population exploded by more than 400 percent.

“I’m sad that we have such a divisive political situation now that it’s hurting people’s relationships. There’s a lot of work to do.” — Joan Blades, founder of Living Room Conversations, a nonprofit dedicated to staging conversations between liberals and conservatives to foster understanding after a divisive presidential campaign

“Ask yourself, Is this the easy thing to do or the hard thing? Do the hard thing. You do your kids a disservice if you’re not exposing them to tough times.” — Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race, on parenting

“We’re basically conducting a big experiment right now to answer these questions. And we’ll have our answer in about 10-15 years.” — Dr. Steven Schlozman, Harvard University professor and Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatrist, talking about the AAP's new age guidelines for childhood screen time

"If children don't pick up good religious habits in the home, they're much more likely to fall away." — Daniel Cox, a religion researcher, in an InDepth article on why teens leave the faith

“It’s possible to suffer and have a life that’s worth living.” — Dr. Craig Bryan, University of Utah suicide specialist

Favorite LDS Church News/LDS-related news story quotes of 2016

“To me (Philadelphia) is a wonderful place to have a temple of God, where we have a feeling of God’s hands in our lives, where we make promises to a God who has looked over this nation, and where, as we make covenants, God will look over our lives and the lives of our descendants.” — President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, before dedicating the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple on Sept. 18

“We don’t build facilities as this for personal gain or ulterior motive. We have one desire — to do good." — Bishop Dean M. Davies, first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, at the Aug. 27 dedication of the Twin Falls Idaho Bishops’ Storehouse.

"The Saints in Germany can get lonely as they hasten the work, but tonight we remembered that we are not alone because you all came to sing for us." — President Lehi Karl Schwartz of the Nuremberg Germany Stake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to Barry Anderson, administrative manager of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, after a concert on July 1 of the choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. The concert was part of a three-week tour of central Europe by the choir and orchestra with performance venues in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland and a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, to re-create a photo shoot that the choir had there in 1955.

"Our focus isn't terrorism, because we're not terrorized. ... I'm not a victim. I'm a survivor. Fear won't stop me from going to Europe or an airport or accepting refugees. If we become more fearful, we're being acted upon. I'm going to live my life, and I'm going to teach my children and grandchildren that we put our trust in God." — Richard Norby, one of four Mormon missionaries seriously wounded in the Brussels airport bombing

"People might think, It's so sad his life has been cut short, his life has been ruined. His life hasn't been ruined. He had a great life here on earth, and he's going to have a great life in the afterlife. God's in charge, and we just need to trust him and he will bring us home. ...He's serving God now, just like he was serving him yesterday." — Cyndi Hampton, mother of Elder David Smith Hampton, who was killed in a biking accident while serving his mission in Taiwan.

“On behalf of the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members here in Vietnam and across the world, we express gratitude and appreciation for the official full recognition of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its representative committee in Vietnam.” — Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles at the recognition event held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on May 31

“For many years, members and missionaries in the Czech Slovak Mission have faithfully worked and hoped for a day like today.” — President James W. McConkie III of the creation of the Prague Czech Republic Stake — the first stake in the country — on May 15

“As I was putting the songs together, I could see in my mind’s eye the pioneers, because they were so connected with the Provo Tabernacle. I thought of how Brigham Young had put a violin in every company as the pioneers crossed the plains. I could hear them in my mind’s ear gathering near the campfire at the end of each day and playing the violin and singing. I thought how much they would rejoice with this temple here today, and our remembering them and honoring them by the church turning the tabernacle into a temple.” — Rebecca McLaughlin of Provo, Utah, director of a choir that sang for a cornerstone ceremony for the Provo City Center Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This, the 150th functioning temple of the church, was constructed from the charred walls of the pioneer-era Provo Tabernacle that was destroyed by an early-morning fire in December 2010.