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Letter: Utah football

As one of many Utah Ute football fans, I commend the team for the decent 8-4 season. My comments here are for those on the Hill. Joe Williams was the outstanding surprise this year! Kudos for the extra-large game screen at the south end. If graded, I would give the special teams unit an A-minus, the defense B-minus and the team offense C-minus, as usual.

I do wish the coaches/management would make more effort to recruit "Pac-12-caliber" quarterbacks! It's interesting to watch our team's grunt-and-grind ground game, only to see visiting teams bring more exciting aerial offense and mixed plays.

There are other issues. Lower the watts! The extra-loud sound system of announcements and commercials so that you can't hear the person next to you can be distracting. Also, please improve parking and control so that it's not an hour or more to exit the campus afterward. Expanding campus building projects have swallowed up what's left of parking spaces once used by daytime students and special events.

Ronald Bouck

Salt Lake City