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Letter: Holiday meanings

As the holiday season is in full swing, I would like to call for some reflection and action. The problem with Thanksgiving is that we talk about how grateful we are, but our gratitude is in vain without action behind it. As we approach Christmas, we can make the holiday season a truly meaningful time.

Tradition is part of what people love about holidays. Christmas has the best examples of tradition. During Christmas people have this need to go out and do good; we have even named it the “Christmas spirit.” If we can add meaning to call ourselves to action during all these special times, holidays will have more significance and will be more enjoyable.

Instead of our holidays being solely days of enjoyment, we can elevate ourselves to a higher purpose. Each holiday can have meaning put into the traditions and the historical significance. For Saint Patrick’s Day we can donate money to clean energy and “go green,” and for Valentine’s Day we can volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen to spread our love for humanity. Holidays have so much potential to carry more meaning. May we all help bring more meaning and service to holidays.

Heather Reid