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The toys of Christmas past: Can you name the most popular toys over the decades?


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Some of the most classic toys over the last century are still available for sale today and can often be purchased online in both modern and vintage form. How well you can remember the most popular toys of years past?

1) The Radio Flyer, a little red wagon still popular today, was first sold in what year?

a. 1908

b. 1917

c. 1940

d. 1954

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Answer: B. Anthony Pasin started building wooden toy wagons to carry around his tools. He named them after two famous men of the day: Marconi and Lindberg. They originally sold for $3.00 each and became so popular that even during the Great Depression, 1,500 of these wagons rolled off the assembly line every day. The company is still owned by the Pasin family.

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