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10 Utah Kickstarters you haven’t heard of yet

Want a customized pack for your daylong hikes? Cotopaxi has you covered.
Want a customized pack for your daylong hikes? Cotopaxi has you covered.
Cotopaxi Connect Kickstarter page

It’s unlikely that Fitbit will ever buy Apple or Samsung.

So instead, the fitness smartwatch company may purchase Pebble, a smartwatch company that got its start on Kickstarter, in hopes of owning the smartwatch market, according to The Information.

The deal makes sense for a few reasons, according to The Verge’s Lauren Goode. Fitbit already leads the smartwatch industry, so acquiring Pebble is more about coalescing talent to improve its product.

It also makes sense because Pebble and Fitbit aren't tied to any specific device. They can be used with Android, Apple or any other phone brand with them, and they both focus on fitness, Goode wrote.

“It may not be the desired ending for Pebble, which is said to have had early stage conversations with other potential acquirers before, but it may be the inevitable one,” Goode wrote.

Pebble’s journey to this point actually began on Kickstarter, gaining success through people’s donations.

At the end of last month, I wrote about how Kickstarters are the new, hip way to get your business off the ground. Popular devices like the “Coolest Cooler” and the Pebble Smartwatch all got their start on Kickstarter, which served as a launching point for these devices to enter the mainstream.

In that article, I highlighted a few unusual Kickstarter campaigns that hadn’t reached the mainstream yet, like the Foot Hammock and Stand, which was made by students at BYU.

The AirSelfie is another unusual Kickstarter campaign. It recently made news on Mashable, which told people to “keep this mini camera drone inside your phone case for the best aerial selfies.”

Utah itself has been home to some attention-grabbing business ideas. Here’s a look at 10 Kickstarter programs based in Utah that you may not have heard of yet.

HNTS: The Future of Athletic Apparel

This athletic wear glows in the dark with LED Lights.

Lightboard 14T

It’s clear, it’s for your desk and it’ll help you keep notes while filming videos.

Stock & Barrel | A Wallet That Only Looks Better With Age

These wallets literally get better as they grow older. You may never need a new wallet again.

The Breton Weekender

Need a weekend away? This bag has all the pockets for your three-day escape.

Sparkr | Fire & Light in One

This device — part lighter, part flashlight — is the perfect companion for the typical Utah camper.

The Toddler Target

You can help your child potty train with this automated device.

Solar PowerCap USB Cell Phone Charging Hats

A hat that charges your cellphone? Yes, please.

Cotopaxi Connect — Create Your Own Custom Daypack

Want a customized pack for your daylong hikes? Cotopaxi has you covered.

Nexo Tires: Flat Free Bikes Forever

Say goodbye to flat tires.

Xenon Flash for iPhone

Your phone’s flash may not be enough for those breathtaking mountain views. Use this instead.