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Utah family offering grant to help couple struggling with infertility

NORTH LOGAN — With Jackson, who's almost 3, and 1-year-old Calvin, Jared and Ellie Mecham have a family.

That's a dig deal for the Mechams, who struggled with infertility for three years before Ellie become pregnant with Jackson.

"That's all I wanted, is to be a dad," said Jared Mecham, 28, "and I'm so grateful for two boys. Holding that baby for the first time and every day after that is just something special."

The couple first started sharing their struggle to have children on YouTube about three years ago, recording their doctor visits and their reactions. Now, the Mechams' channel on the video-sharing site has grown to well over 1 million followers, with videos being posted daily.

"We have two kids now, and we have people that have been following us from the beginning that have still not been able to get their baby where they've been struggling for six, 10 years," said Ellie Mecham, 25.

After saving $15,000, the Mechams now want to help another family have a baby through in vitro fertilization.

"The financial part of in vitro is actually the place where people stop," Jared Mecham said. "It is expensive, and we hope that just by doing something like this that we'll be able to change someone's life."

Working with Footsteps for Fertility Foundation, the Mechams will give the money to one couple through a grant. They will review applicants who can prove their need through medical records and choose finalists. Then they plan to ask their YouTube followers to vote for the winner.

"Just the fact that we can give back on experiences that we've gone through, I mean, it's life-changing," Jared Mecham said.

The Mechams will accept entries through midnight Friday. They say they've already had several people reach out who want to help donate for future grants as well.

"I think we're going to be able to help a lot of people in the future," Ellie Mecham said.

Instructions for entries and videos can be found on the grant's website at