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The spirit of the season: going above and beyond


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All 88-year-old Lois Giles wanted was to post an ad on KSL Classifieds. She ended up getting a lot more than she bargained for in the best way possible.

KSL support team member Jillian remembers getting the call from Lois Giles on a Tuesday. Lois asked for help posting an ad on KSL Classifieds. After 30 minutes of patiently walking Lois through the process, Jillian discovered that Lois was writing down the instructions and not actually at a computer. Lois explained that she was moving out of her house and felt overwhelmed at all that she had to do before then. She was planning a garage sale to sell some of her things and needed the KSL Classifieds ad to let people know. Jillian went on to finish explaining the process, promised to call back on Friday and hung up the phone.

Something about Giles stuck with Jillian and she mentioned the encounter to her boss. Her boss, Susie, suggested that they visit Lois and help her place the ad. Jillian called Lois and set a time for them to visit. When the day came for the visit, Susie and Jillian arrived, helped Lois post the ad and stayed for a while to talk to Lois. They learned she was trying to plan her garage sale, organize her items and move them all on her own.

After that experience, Jillian remembers having a conversation with her dad and wishing she could do more to help Lois. Her dad suggested that they help Lois with her garage sale. Jillian and Susie both agreed that Lois could use the help and planned to meet at Lois house on the day of the sale.

They spent the day cleaning out Lois' garage, talking with her and telling people who came to the sale about Lois. Not only did they sell almost all of Lois items, they also helped her make about $500 and helped her create KSL Classified ads for individual items that they werent able to sell.

Jillian says, "It was amazing to help someone in need and see how truly grateful she was for our service. Growing up, my dad was always looking for examples of GREAT customer service. He always taught us how important it is for business to look for ways to go above and beyond. I saw this as a perfect opportunity and I am grateful Susie felt the same. Obviously, we can't do this for all of our customers, but when you find someone like Lois and you have the means to help out, it is a great thing. I will never forget this experience."