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The Clean Cut: Elderly gentleman, 4-year-old girl foster friendship after meeting in a grocery store

Norah Jones, 4, hugs Dan Peterson, 82.
Norah Jones, 4, hugs Dan Peterson, 82.
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Dan Peterson felt like he had no purpose after his wife died. Then the 82-year-old made an unlikely friend at the grocery store.

Four-year-old Norah Wood and her mother Tara were walking down the canned vegetable aisle in an Augusta, Georgia, Publix store when they ran into Peterson. Norah now affectionately calls him "Mr. Dan."

“As Mr. Dan walked by, she (Norah) smiled and waved," Tara Wood told CBS News. "‘Hi old person! It’s my birthday!’ He stopped in his tracks, smiled, and said, ‘Well hello, little lady! How old are you today?’ They chatted for a couple of minutes, and we went our separate ways.”

Later Norah and her mother located Peterson to take a photo with them.

After posting about the encounter on Facebook, a friend of Peterson's saw the post and reconnected the Woods with "Mr. Dan." The Woods started visiting Peterson and now visit or call him at least once a week.

“If I didn’t have anything else to do the rest of my life, I have her to love," Peterson told CBS News.

Watch the video on CBS News here.

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