Two Utah companies have been rated among the top 50 best small and midsize companies to work for in the nation.

Those two companies, BambooHR and Utah Community Credit Union, ranked 19th and 44th, respectively, according to Glassdoor.

BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson has a 97 percent approval rating, and about 92 percent of people have recommended the company to their friends, according to Glassdoor.

Reviews of BambooHR credit the company’s call for work-life balance as one of the reasons it’s been successful. This isn’t surprising.

As I wrote in September, BambooHR pays its employees $2,000 to take vacation time. The company reimburses its employees up to that amount to incentivize taking vacation time.

“We’ve always tried to be very thoughtful about the benefits we try to add incrementally as the company grew,” said Peterson, who started the company in 2008, according to KUTV. “We feel very strongly that personal life doesn’t exist to support work life, but vice versa.”

Meanwhile, the company received negative reviews for its “growing pains.”

As for Utah Community Credit Union, the company offers a “wonderful environment,” according to one reviewer on Glassdoor. The company’s CEO, Jeff Sermon, boasts a 100 percent approval rating, and 99 percent of employees have recommended the company to a friend.

These two companies aren’t the only highly praised Utah businesses. As I wrote about earlier this month, Glassdoor’s big-company rankings identified eight businesses with offices or headquarters in Utah as the best places to work.

That list included companies owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as Delta Airlines and Adobe.