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Travis Pastrana explains why Nitro Circus is returning to Utah in 2017

Leader of Nitro Circus, Travis Pastrana, signs autographs at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City, Saturday, July  16, 2016.
Leader of Nitro Circus, Travis Pastrana, signs autographs at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City, Saturday, July 16, 2016.
Hans Koepsell, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Nitro Circus is returning to Utah.

Rice-Eccles Stadium will again host the competition that will crown world champions in action sports’ disciplines of freestyle motocross, BMX, skate, inline skate and scooter. Like in 2016, NBC will televise the event in primetime.

Nitro Circus was created by action sports legend Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus CEO and creative director Mike Porra. They announced today that the event will be held June 24.

Pastrana talked about why the organization chose Utah.

“When we began to discuss where the Nitro World Games would be hosted, it became clear there was only one place that we needed to be, and that was Utah,” Pastrana said. “Nitro Circus has roots here in Utah. While Nitro was born in my mind, it was in Utah where it became a reality. The fans in Utah are easily some of the most knowledgeable consumers of the sport. As we travel around the globe with the Nitro Circus Live show, you quickly learn where you have to bring your best tricks, and Utah is at the top. So when the idea for a first ever Nitro competition with an actual points system and a winner began, it was apparent that Utah should be the host, and I could not be more excited to be bringing this back to the state for the second Nitro World Games.”

The word progression has become synonymous with the Nitro World Games. It featured the world’s first tricks and the highest TV ratings of an action sports event in the last six years.

“As a competition committee, we are constantly looking at places to expand and create something new every year," Pastrana said. "That is our obligation to the riders and to the fans as well. We are looking at a new skateboard ramp and format, fine tuning the ramps for freestyle motocross and more. The evolution of the disciplines in the action sports community continues to grow and evolve and, as it grows all around the world, whether they are a Nitro athlete or not, we want to be the leader in competition progression. And that means, as the sports and athlete evolves, breaking through the glass ceiling of progression, we have to evolve and grow with it.

"That is what makes having this event in Utah so fun. As we travel the world with the live show, a backflip or basic trick from an athlete will excite the crowd and get them to their feet. Utah fans just shrug and go 'that was it?' They want to see that envelope pushed because they know it's possible, and they want to see that happen, so they bring their energy, their passion, and they scream 'til they are hoarse, pushing every athlete to bring their best to the stadium."

Tickets start at $19 each while Nitro Club VIP tickets — the best seats in the house plus a VIP experience — are $79 each, plus applicable service fees.

For more information about the #NitroWorldGames, go to Fans can also follow Nitro Circus on Twitter @nitrocircus and on Facebook at

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