OREM — After claiming five straight 5A wrestling state titles, powerhouse Pleasant Grove showed no signs of slowing down Wednesday night as it looks to continue its reign atop all of 5A.

The Vikings got rolling early and completely dominated their competition throughout the night to pick up some steam heading into the final day of action of the 2016 UHSAA 5A Utah State Championship.

A total of eight Viking wrestlers walked away from the quarterfinals with a win, kicked off by a narrow 6-5 win from Matthew Kade Zorn in the 126-pound bout, and came up huge in three straight rounds with three wins by Nelson Jones (138), Alex Young (145) and three-time state champ Benjamin Anderson (152) to jump out to an early lead.

“We’ve been working really hard all year. We work harder than everyone else and bust our butts every single day. We don’t take any vacations — we go as hard as we can and we’ll keep working for this,” Pleasant Grove’s Walker Wolfgramm said.

Pleasant Grove was far from letting up, however, as its strong finish of four hard-fought victories in the final six rounds helped open up the 5A juggernaut’s lead even more heading into the consolation rounds.

In a thrilling, 285-pound tiebreaker with Roy’s Bryan Sakurada, Wolfgramm held tough and refused to be denied a spot in tomorrow’s place-matches as he kept his state championship dreams alive with a narrow win (TB-1 3-2).

“Win or die. If you don’t win, you’re out — the best you can do is take third place. I’m going for a state championship, so my mentality there was to win or die,” said Wolfgramm.

Meanwhile, wrestling alongside Wolfgramm after losing earlier in the day, Brock Winterton also came up with an impressive, back-and-forth 18-17 win to help keep his team in complete control.

“I knew I had to take him down and not let him go in the final 20 seconds, so I just grabbed an ankle and I won. We haven’t been wrestling our best, but we came to win and nobody beats us in overtime,” Winterton said.

Heading into Thursday’s final day of action, the Vikings, despite trailing 4A’s Wasatch by just six points, hold an impressive 124.5-75 lead over second-place Herriman and, barring any monumental upsets, should be on their way to a sixth straight 5A state title.

“We’re here to win and we came out and showed it. We don’t want second place; we don’t want third place; we want first place,” Wolfgramm said. “All we see is gold. That’s our motto: all we see is gold.”

Wednesday’s 5A Quarterfinal Individual Results

5A 106

Dalton Stutzman (Layton) 30-5 won by decision over Kagan Oliver (Westlake) 24-11 (Dec 9-3)

Colby Bowden (Fremont) 22-8 won by decision over Colby Eastmond (Lehi) 35-11 (Dec 4-2)

Karloz Moran (Weber) 28-8 won by major decision over Hunter Brundage (Herriman) 17-23 (MD 13-0)

Tayton Bennett (Fremont) 44-9 won by fall over Cole Zorn (Pleasant Grove) 36-7 (Fall 0:45)

5A 113

Terrell Barraclough (Layton) 38-3 won by fall over Anthony Ridge (Pleasant Grove) 21-16 (Fall 3:07)

Izaya Valdez (Westlake) 26-9 won by major decision over Easton Halliday (Herriman) 29-13 (MD 17-3)

Jordan Marshall (Copper Hills) 39-6 won by fall over Tristan Hendrickson (Herriman) 15-9 (Fall 3:49)

Kegan Leatherow (Fremont) 39-3 won by decision over Colten Eden (Syracuse) 41-7 (Dec 7-2)

5A 120

Tanner Benedict (Layton) 28-6 won in sudden victory - 1 over Lorince Essig (Viewmont) 34-9 (SV-1 7-3)

Elijah Mckay (Davis) 29-8 won by decision over Dylan Chavez (Herriman) 26-15 (Dec 12-7)

Coby Vandertoolen (Bingham) 34-5 won by major decision over Jaxon Moore (Pleasant Grove) 25-13 (MD 16-6)

Tanner Lofthouse (Mountain Crest) 38-17 won by decision over Derek Fisher (Pleasant Grove) 26-10 (Dec 10-9)

5A 126

Antonio Ruiz (Hunter) 31-8 won by decision over Karther Knight (Mountain Crest) 41-9 (Dec 9-4)

Matthew Kade Zorn (Pleasant Grove) 24-15 won by decision over Parker Edgington (Davis) 25-8 (Dec 6-5)

Brayden Stevens (Brighton) 36-4 won by major decision over Mason Palmer (Fremont) 34-16 (MD 11-0)

Ryan Hansen (Sky View) 36-9 won by decision over Luis Garcia (Pleasant Grove) 23-8 (Dec 6-5)

5A 132

Cameron Hunsaker (American Fork) 41-2 won by fall over Blake Barela (Fremont) 14-4 (Fall 3:27)

Joey Revelli (Copper Hills) 25-6 won by fall over Tyler Stark (Syracuse) 28-20 (Fall 3:01)

Logan Jensen (Herriman) 46-5 won by decision over Coleman Thacker (Sky View) 25-16 (Dec 8-5)

Jaden Mayers (Mountain Crest) 31-10 won by decision over Shion Abe (Viewmont) 36-10 (Dec 8-3)

5A 138

Ryan Winger (Viewmont) 37-3 won by decision over Rj Bingham (Mountain Crest) 38-15 (Dec 4-2)

Dylan Gregerson (Riverton) 30-5 won by decision over Austin Slade (Pleasant Grove) 20-20 (Dec 7-0)

Baylor Green (Davis) 29-6 won by decision over Lucas Taylor (Lone Peak) 33-8 (Dec 4-1)

Nelson Jones (Pleasant Grove) 16-5 won by decision over Tayler Durfee (American Fork) 39-15 (Dec 6-3)

5A 145

Alex Young (Pleasant Grove) 31-6 won by decision over Billy Ludlow (Riverton) 25-8 (Dec 2-1)

Daxton Arnold (Clearfield) 35-9 won by forfeit over Seth Bingman (Westlake) 25-15 (For.)

Jaron Jensen (Herriman) 45-2 won by fall over Russell Young (Riverton) 18-8 (Fall 1:54)

Shadrach Preece (American Fork) 31-14 won by fall over Chase Walker (Hunter) 19-16 (Fall 1:01)

5A 152

Benjamin Anderson (Pleasant Grove) 32-7 won by fall over Aaron Wilkinson (Lone Peak) 32-9 (Fall 1:31)

Ahmad Mcdaniel (Northridge) 38-9 won in sudden victory - 1 over Dallin Corrington (Lehi) 29-6 (SV-1 9-7)

Davis Reynaud (Brighton) 36-5 won by decision over Lance Shunn (Westlake) 22-13 (Dec 7-1)

Porter Johnson (American Fork) 37-8 won by decision over Davian (Michael) Hendrix (Fremont) 33-14 (Dec 8-5)

5A 160

Curtis Smith (Viewmont) 24-6 won by major decision over Elias Andreasen (Pleasant Grove) 31-11 (MD 14-3)

Michael Mccann (Westlake) 33-6 won by decision over Tyson Treasure (Weber) 20-10 (Dec 8-5)

Cole Moody (Bingham) 40-2 won by decision over Colton French (Herriman) 29-15 (Dec 5-2)

Austin Clem (Layton) 28-8 won by decision over Josh Whitehead (Pleasant Grove) 23-14 (Dec 6-0)

5A 170

Koy Wilkinson (Pleasant Grove) 34-5 won by fall over Nicholas Alder (Taylorsville) 14-10 (Fall 0:47)

Jordan Taylor (Westlake) 25-4 won by fall over James Porritt (Layton) 21-11 (Fall 3:13)

Ben Bolingbroke (Clearfield) 33-4 won by major decision over Iszach Deweese (Riverton) 20-13 (MD 13-2)

Jayden Burton (Syracuse) 33-14 won by decision over Cameron Brown (Viewmont) 23-7 (Dec 3-1)

5A 182

Connor Kirkland (Roy) 35-0 won by major decision over Tavas Neuwirth (Pleasant Grove) 22-13 (MD 10-0)

Bryan Gomez (Hunter) 19-4 won by decision over Colby Barnes (Davis) 25-9 (Dec 7-2)

Garrett Hoyt (Weber) 25-4 won by major decision over Jaeger Clark (Jordan) 26-12 (MD 14-3)

Maika Tauteoli (Pleasant Grove) 39-13 won in sudden victory - 1 over Jacob Rhoton (American Fork) 44-12 (SV-1 8-6)

5A 195

Hunter Larsen (Weber) 23-11 won by major decision over Tanner Chadwick (Sky View) 30-17 (MD 10-2)

Shane French (Herriman) 24-4 won by fall over Weston Anderton (Lehi) 31-9 (Fall 3:55)

Wyatt Koelling (Davis) 23-3 won by decision over Taylor Allen (Northridge) 42-11 (Dec 10-4)

Malachi Gonzalez (Riverton) 18-3 won by major decision over Korben Hayes (Fremont) 27-16 (MD 13-2)

5A 220

Brandon Closson (Pleasant Grove) 27-8 won by major decision over Carson Terrell (Lehi) 14-6 (MD 15-3)

Simeon Page (Riverton) 30-6 won in the ultimate tiebreaker over Connor Taylor (Davis) 19-4 (UTB 3-2)

Wade French (Herriman) 41-3 won by major decision over Brady Briskey (Weber) 27-9 (MD 9-1)

Jorden Nielsen (Viewmont) 32-6 won by fall over Joel Bolduc (Syracuse) 37-12 (Fall 3:13)

5A 285

Walker Wolfgramm (Pleasant Grove) 35-3 won in tie breaker - 1 over Bryan Sakurada (Roy) 26-5 (TB-1 3-2)

Camden Hess (Davis) 28-6 won by fall over Nick Simonich (Jordan) 20-12 (Fall 1:52)

Stone Sagala (Herriman) 35-11 won by decision over Zach Moore (Lone Peak) 23-18 (Dec 6-2)

Heneli Avendano (Jordan) 30-7 won by fall over Dylan Tucker (Layton) 33-11 (Fall 1:43)

Wednesday’s 5A Quarterfinal Team Results

1. Pleasant Grove, 124.5

2. Herriman, 75.0

3. Westlake, 57.5

4. American Fork, 56.0

5. Davis, 54.0

6. Fremont, 52.5

7. Viewmont, 52.0

8. Mountain Crest, 46.0

9. Layton, 45.0

10. Riverton, 43.0

11. Weber, 39.0

12. Lehi, 34.0

12. Syracuse, 34.0

14. Copper Hills, 28.0

15. Hunter, 24.0

Ryan Love is a full-time student and has been a part-time sportswriter for Deseret News since Oct. 2012.

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