SALT LAKE CITY — Federal investigators have agreed to hand over evidence to state prosecutors in the case against former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, invalidating the need for an upcoming hearing arguing the issue.

In a motion filed Monday, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings, who is prosecuting Shurtleff on state charges, indicated the federal government — specifically the FBI — has handed over "a voluminous quantity of documents" related to the state's motion to compel the release of the evidence. Additional information is expected to be handed over by Feb. 22, according to the motion.

Rawlings filed the motion last year trying to force federal investigators to hand over evidence from its inquiry into Shurtleff, who is accused of accepting gifts, bribery to dismiss a criminal proceeding, obstruction of justice, and official misconduct during his time as Utah's top cop.

The FBI investigation did not result in federal charges being filed.

Shurtleff himself joined Rawlings' motion in October. His attorney, Richard Van Wagoner, said at the time that Shurtleff believes the government has information relating to key witnesses and allegations associated with the case, including evidence that could show he didn't do anything wrong.

Monday's motion seeks to cancel a hearing scheduled for Wednesday where the issue was to be argued. The Department of Justice and Shurtleff have agreed to the cancellation, according to the motion. Instead, a telephone conference has been requested.

"The state of Utah and Mr. Shurtleff will need time to evaluate the massive production of material already provided, as well as the promised voluminous production that is still on the way," the motion states.

Also forthcoming, according to the motion, is evidence stemming from the Federal Trade Commission's investigation of St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson, who gave to the campaigns of Shurtleff and his embattled successor, John Swallow. Johnson later leveled accusations of corruption against the two former attorneys general.

A separate federal fraud trial against Johnson is entering its second week.


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