MURRAY — Murray police are working to catch vandals who went on a spree, striking more than 50 times along the east side of town.

Reports of the graffiti started coming in just before the weekend. The trail of spray paint seems to be spread along Winchester Street between State Street and 900 East.

“Typically you'll get one here and there and maybe a few in a fairly close area, but to actually have this many different locations and this much done is very rare,” Murray officer Kenny Bass said.

From public property to apartment and office complexes and small businesses, it appears the same group covered a lot of ground in just one or two days.

“Some of it may be cleaned, some of it may be damaged,” Bass said. “Definitely if you have property damage, it needs to be replaced, but even then we have to have somebody that's going to come and clean it."

Police say they have talked to at least one person of interest in the case.

Investigators are doing a lot of comparisons with photographs to see if they are identical or similar to other graffiti, which could help identify the person or persons responsible. Since many of the tags appear similar, police say it may be the work of one small group.

"We'd love to identify who it is," Bass said, encouraging anyone who may have any kind of information to call 801-840-4000.

— Mike Anderson, Viviane Vo-Duc