SOUTH JORDAN — There seems to be something new happening along Redwood Road in South Jordan almost every month.

Growth and construction continue to happen in the area, and city leaders want to prepare for it and plan for it, instead of just letting it happen without a plan.

“There will be more traffic demands, and we want to make sure we make it a livable place,” said Brian Preece, economics development director for South Jordan.

Tuesday night, the city held a meeting and asked residents and business owners for input as to what they want to see in the future with Redwood Road.

“A lot of times, residents only find out about stuff after decisions have been made, and we’re trying to prevent that,” Preece said.

Whether it’s more parks, bike lanes, restaurants or whatever it is the project will ultimately be about, Preece said he feels it’s important for the city to get a handle on it now.

Hugh Washburn is part of that growth, opening his business, Elements Massage, just off Redwood Road and 10600 South two years ago after spending more than 20 years in Chicago.

“There’s a lot of things I wouldn’t imitate about Chicago," he said, "but it’s also known as a city that works, and that’s because of the planning that they do.”

Of course, South Jordan isn't going to become Chicago anytime soon, but city leaders know more growth is coming to Redwood Road, and they want to try to manage it.

“When (the Utah Department of Transportation) widened Redwood Road, it really hurt our business,” Preece said. “And we want to make sure as the traffic increases and the demand increases, there’s different ways to handle that traffic and not just move it through.”

That's good news for small-business owners like Washburn.

“I know there are those in South Jordan who kind of wish they could go back to bedroom farming community, and there are those who would like explosive growth," he said, "but I think that good-managed growth, I think that’s a great way to go.”