Points for parents

  • Violence: In a battle scene between Romans and Jews, fighting escalates from rocks and stones to spears and swords. Some of the people are killed by the soldiers. The crucifixion scene starts with people already on the cross. The legs of two men are broken off camera but the sound is heard. The spear in the side of Jesus is placed but not seen piercing. People are seen dying on the cross.
  • Gore: A man’s face has a long sword wound sewn up. The bodies of the two thieves are thrown into a pit with many other bodies. Bodies are dug up in a search for the body of Christ. No blood is seen when a wound is inflicted, but there is blood after.
  • Drinking/nudity: Two men drink as they are on watch. A man is found drunk at a table. Two men are shown bathing on separate sides of a large pool. Their chests are bare, but both are wearing wraps that fully cover their bottom half.

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