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Book review: 'Living Joyfully in Troubled Times' encourages to find joy during trials

"LIVING JOYFULLY IN TROUBLED TIMES," by Toni Sorenson, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 128 pages (nf)

Prolific Utah author Toni Sorenson admits life isn't perfect and things won't fall into place smoothly all the time. She knows that every day will not be easy, but she hopes "Living Joyfully in Troubled Times" will show how and where to find joy and that it will be a "roadmap to joy" for those lost and in need of direction.

Sorenson recognizes how natural it is to feel happy when things are going well and blessings are raining down, but acknowledges that the key to getting through those inevitable bad days is taking to heart the Book of Mormon scripture that states "men are that we might have joy."

"Living Joyfully in Troubled Times" includes eight chapters, each focusing on a different reminder of the innate joy readily available in life. With titles such as "Your Mind Is a Door," "Expect Miracles" and "One Direction," Sorenson uses personal stories, poems and song lyrics as well as scriptural accounts as examples of finding joy in life.

In the first chapter, "God Went to a Great Deal of Effort," Sorenson includes a list of 50 ways to find joy in the journey. These tips include things such as thinking of all people who have said "I love you" to you and making a list of all the books you've read. From daily processes both big and small, Sorenson ensures it only takes a moment to open your day to the possibility of joy.

In the chapter, "Who's in Control," Sorenson lists things joyful people can control. From doing good, forgiving and being kind to yourself, these tips will help the reader form habits that promote joy.

Sorenson ends the book with 50 facts that testify of God's love for his children and expresses hope that if nothing else, this will inspire the reader to remember their divine nature and to not only live life but grab as much joy along the way as they can.

Tara Creel is a Logan native turned California girl, and mother of four boys. Her email is, and she blogs at