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Letter: Hillary's emails

A lot of people are arguing about Hillary Clinton's email problem. Is it a big deal or is it a big deal over nothing? But I think people are missing the real point here. The government goes to a lot of trouble to make sure that the secretary of state has a secure email system so that when the secretary of state gets email about things like helping Egypt overthrow their president, support for Syrian rebels, or when we are going in to kill bin Laden, that no one else gets to intercept these communications.

The bottom line is that if Hillary had just followed the rules and used the State Department email system like she was supposed to we wouldn't be having this discussion. Hillary chose to ignore the rules and have someone on her campaign staff set up an email server at her home instead. When you're the secretary of state you just can't be that sloppy with national security. Quite frankly, I'm somewhat amazed that the Obama administration let her get away with that.

Marc Perkel

Gilroy, California