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Letter: Smog and children

Utah senators like Curt Bramble show an extraordinary empathy for the unborn who will not be brought to term (“Utah Senate moves ahead with bill to require anesthesia for very young fetuses who will be aborted,” Deseret News, March 4), but where is the Senate’s compassion for those who will be born in Utah?

On Friday, senators passed the ironically named “Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act (STEP),” which will likely kill the nascent solar energy industry in Utah as did a similar law in Nevada last year.

Almost 40 percent of air pollution comes from small businesses, homes and other buildings, where solar panels could cut the use of fossil fuels and thus help clean the air. If SB115 passes, it will strangle the efforts of homeowners and small businesses to reduce the air pollution damaging the health of unborn and young children.

My grandchild spent her early gestation in a Salt Lake City inversion and was born prematurely with low birth weight; she did not receive adequate support through the placenta. This pregnancy complication, among others, has been tied to smog. There are an estimated 40,000 expectant mothers in Utah at any one time. Senator Bramble should extend his call for humanity toward fetuses who will live.

Carole Straughn

Salt Lake City