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Morning links: March Madness predictions and who leaked the bracket?

In the opening of the men's NCAA Tournament Selection Show Sunday on CBS, the tournament was referred to as the best three weeks in all of sports.

Whether that's true is a matter of personal taste, but in any event, it certainly was the hottest topic of conversation in the sports world Sunday afternoon.

Here's a look at some of the key talking points from the day:

Bracket leaked before selection show

As reported by multiple outlets, including Yahoo, halfway through CBS's two-hour bracket reveal, the remaining field was leaked on Twitter (the account was subsequently shut down or suspended).

This led to the NCAA releasing the following statement:

On Sunday night, Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel started the hashtag #WhoLeakedTheBracket, and a wide range of clever responses emerged:

Some locals also offered "guesses" about who may have spilled the beans:


Conversation around water coolers this week will likely be dominated by bracket talk, and numerous national pundits offered their thoughts about how things might shake out:

• ESPN's Eamonn Brennan ranked the squads in the field from 68 to 1. Weber State is No. 60, while Utah is No. 12. Kansas is No. 1.

• The statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight filled out a bracket based on the probability each team has of advancing to the next round. It gives the Jayhawks a 19 percent chance of winning the tournament, the highest in the field.

• ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted the odds each team has of taking home the title. Utah is listed as 40 to 1 while Weber State is 600 to 1.


While some pundits merely made predictions, others dove into more in-depth analysis of the bracket:

• ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi said the selection committee "got so much wrong." Lunardi's thought was a popular sentiment, with writer John Feinstein offering this assessment of how the selection committee performed:

• Yahoo's Pat Forde compared the field to the presidential race, putting Utah's Jakob Poeltl in a list of 10 "Leading Men" who could impact the tournament and praising Weber State coach Randy Rahe as a "grinder" who has stuck with a mid-major instead of bolting for greener pastures.

• Sports Illustrated's Michael Beller opined that the selection committee "loves the Pac-12."

Ryan McDonald is a sports reporter at Follow him on Twitter @ryanwmcdonald.