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7 reasons you don’t want to miss this year’s International Sportsmen’s Expo


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It’s the middle of March—so close to spring you can taste it. That means recreation and awesome outdoor activities like fishing and hunting and exploring are just around the corner. But we’re not quite there yet. So, while we’re stuck waiting for spring to sprung, it’s a good time to dream about what you’ll be doing this summer. (Plus, you and your brood need something to do to pass the wintry time, right?)

We present the perfect remedy: The International Sportsman’s Expo! Never been? You’re forgiven. Been before and wondering if you should go back? Yes. Of course you should. Here’s why:

With nearly 400 exhibitors, there is so much to do, see, taste and experience. It’s a smorgasbord of fun. And there’s gear. SO MUCH GEAR. (And other cool interactive stuff we’ll tell you about.)

Here are 7 reasons you don’t want to miss this year’s expo:

7) The Sit-down Adventure Theater

Because who wants to watch amazing demonstrations and presentations on hunting and fishing and other awesome activities standing up? Relax. Put your feet up and learn something new from local and regional experts. The Adventure Theater is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and and it offers a slew of new presentations this year for you to get excited about.

6) Climbing Wall

Wear something with an elastic band. You’ll want to be comfy while you wear a climbing harness and sweat a little as you ascend an indoor make-shift monolithic mountain wall. Don’t fret; there will be people to catch you if you miss your grab. Remember to stretch first.

5) Sporting-Dog Arena

Presenting the quick, the fierce, the hard-working and the super smart. These amazing dogs aren’t your usual canine couch potatoes. Hosted by Havoc K9, the sporting dog arena will offer training and tips (so you can school your own sporting dog). Plus, don’t miss the real talent: they’ll be spotlighting dogs trained to be Utah’s First Responders. So very cool.

4) Youth Fair

What better way to get your kids into the outdoors than by letting them catch their first fish? They will get to fish in the catch-and-release trout pond–for free, and there will even be gear and experts provided so that little Jack and littler Jill don’t get into too much trouble. Once they’ve tired of that, they’ll be able to check out the live raptors and reptiles from Utah’s Reptile Doctor and see who’s bravest.

3) Fly-casting pond

Brush up on your technique (you’re probably rusty after the 6-month winter hiatus), learn some new tricks, or just impress everyone walking by with your mad skills. Just don’t accidentally lasso a passerby with your fishing line. Or if you do, hope that she’s cute.

2) Giant archery range

A 3D Pop-Up Archery Range? Heck yeah, bring it on! Presented by High Impact Archery, this is an annual favorite at the expo. Here’s what you do: qualify for the contest any time during the day Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Then, if you’re the best (or really lucky), win $1,000 cash at the Saturday afternoon finals. Then, return for Sunday’s LAST CHANCE contest. Bring your bow. Bring your focus. Bring your posse.

1) Yellowstone Bear World’s Baby Bears

Not sure this needs more of an explanation, cuz they’re BABY BEARS. And, guess what? You can pay to get your picture taken with them. OMG. CUTE OVERLOAD, GUYS.

So, now that you’re chomping at the bit (there will be enough jerky to go around, don’t you worry), get yourself to the expo this weekend with this discount (cuz we’ve got your back):

2-for-1 Buddy Pass (Thurs and Fri only, purchase by 5pm Friday)

$2 off (for any day)

The Deets:

International Sportsman’s Expo: South Towne Expo Center, Sandy

DATES: March 17-20 (Thurs-Sun)

HOURS: Thurs-Fri: Noon-9pm; Sat: 10am-8pm; Sun: 10am-5pm


ADMISSION: $12 adult ticket; youth 15 and under enter for free