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'The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1': 3 points for parents

Points for parents

  • Violence: A man is sentenced by a mob and then executed in the middle of the crowd. People are shot as they try to escape a compound. An explosion destroys vehicles as they try to stop those escaping. Soldiers take children from their families. A fight takes place on a plane that ends up crashing. A man is imprisoned and tries to escape his cell by fighting the guards. A war between two factions is on the brink of starting. People fight against guards in a building to free a man and stop a catastrophe.
  • Nudity/Sensuality: Two characters kiss a few times. A woman undergoing a decontamination process disrobes. Her back is seen from the waist up. Other scenes of her in the process are shown in silhouette, but she is obviously naked.
  • Language: There is very limited use of profanity in the film.

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