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Letter: Do your jobs

Senators, grow up and do your jobs. You say we should let future voters have a say in who should become the Supreme Court justice. We do have a say. We elected President Obama with the responsibility to nominate justices as the case arises and we elected you to hold confirmation hearings on those people nominated during your watch. We didn’t elect you to put off making the hard decisions and abdicate your responsibility to future lawmakers.

What a topsy-turvy world we seem to be living in, where President Obama quotes Sen. Hatch as if he is the standard bearer for the Democratic Party and Mitch McConnell quotes then-Sen. Biden as if he is the policymaker for the Republican Party. I didn’t agree with Biden then and I don’t agree with him now. But I did agree with Sen. Hatch’s words from a week ago indicating that Judge Garland would be an excellent justice of the Supreme Court. If you want to reduce the toxicity of the political climate, act in a bipartisan manner and reject Biden as the Republican Party policymaker and accept Hatch’s views and hold a hearing and confirm or deny based on Garland’s merits.

Steve Oscarson