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Letter: Government and inversion

I feel sorry for those who suffer breathing challenges, and especially those who are more impacted by the "smog." However, why is it that so many folks want "government" to do more to correct the problem?

People have said that when government gets involved, situations get worse and cost more.

Some people want to use Tier 3 fuel, whatever that is. Others want more public transportation to be used. Others want carpooling. The obvious problems with either of these ideas is that my neighbors and I probably don't have our jobs in the same part of town. I suppose Tier 3 fuel may be OK, although I don't know what it is. There are also those who want to ban wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

The fact is that most of the industries that give off smoke have adjusted their filtering systems to the point that efficiency is about 96 percent less particle emissions. Of course, there are other steps that could be taken such as no cigarette smoking during an inversion, no running of snowplows, etc.

The biggest problem is that there are somewhere near a million people living in a relatively small bowl in Salt Lake City and Cache Valley, and just by having that many people breathing, and otherwise living their lives, there is going to be significant pollution.

Russell Bender