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Letter: Policies not possible

Art van Tielen's letter to the editor ("GOP establishment," March 15) suggested that conservatives are fed up with the Republican establishment because the GOP has ignored the wishes of the electorate. As the letter listed conservative policy preferences, it occurred to me that none of it was possible.

"Balance the budget, cut taxes." Every Republican in the race proposes massive tax cuts, but with no way of paying for them. If they proposed realistic spending cuts as well, it might be possible to reduce the deficit. But they don't. "Get the federal government out of health care and welfare." So you're proposing eliminating Social Security and Medicare? That's not politically feasible. It might be possible to cut defense spending. But no one is proposing that, and it would be difficult to find enough defense cuts to pay for the tax cuts the candidates are proposing.

And here’s the problem: The contents of this letter could have been lifted straight from every speech by every Republican seeker of national office over the last 40 years. People have been systematically lied to, promised impossibilities. Now, they're angry because their elected officials haven't delivered miracles. Donald Trump won't be able to deliver, either, you know.

William Mitchell