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Picturing history: San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site

Following an arduous and challenging journey from Council Point, Iowa, to the West Coast, members of the Mormon Battalion were finally able to rest and begin to regain their strength. Part of the battalion spent time in the San Diego area where they assisted the community in a multitude of ways.

Presently, a visitors' center interprets the long trek of the Mormon Battalion as well as their stay in the San Diego area. It utilizes a multitude of exhibits and hands-on interactive displays. Moreover, trained docents dressed in clothing from that place and time enhance the historical ambience as they serve on site and interact with those who come. Visitors find themselves in period architecture that utilizes modern technology to tell the story of “ordinary people who did extraordinary things because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The present facility replaced an older one that had been situated on the same site for decades. It opened Jan. 30, 2010. It is open seven days a week and there is no admission charge. It is located in the heart of historic Old Town in San Diego at 2510 Juan Street, San Diego, CA 92110.