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Rare acoustic guitars stolen from Park City store

PARK CITY — Nearly a dozen high-end acoustic guitars were stolen from a music store in Park City Monday night.

Larry Hart, the owner of Riffs Acoustic Music, 1205 Iron Horse Drive, said police and store employees investigating an alarm at the store late Monday arrived to discover a back window broken out and a wall where several handmade, expensive acoustic guitars once hung, cleared out.

"In a very short period of time, I'm guessing five to seven minutes, they broke open the window, went to that wall, took all the guitars off, took all the cases out, and were gone," Hart said.

A total of 11 guitars worth an estimated $37,000 were stolen. Because the burglars seemed to go straight to the most expensive guitars and were done robbing the store in less than 10 minutes, Hart believes the person or people responsible had likely been in his store before, casing it out.

"I can't imagine they would have been able to do what they did that quickly just by pure luck. It seemed very specific and very directed," he said.

Because the guitars that were taken are "fairly rare," Hart said police have notified all the area pawn shops and have investigators checking sites such as eBay and to see if anyone tries to sell them online.

However, Hart said there is also a theory that because the guitars could be easily identified, the person who took them already had buyers lined up before stealing them.

Hart has lived in Park City for 25 years. Between the art galleries and jewelry stores, for a burglar to target a music store is extremely rare, he said. That's another reason why he believes it wasn't a random burglary.

Some of the instruments taken were Santa Cruz guitars, Huss & Dalton guitars, Taylor guitars and Breedlove guitars. Hart said his office has all of the serial numbers of the guitars taken.

Anyone with information on the missing guitars can call Park City police at 435-615-5500.

On Tuesday, someone broke into Summerhays Music, 547 N. Main in Layton, and stole seven high-end silver flutes worth an estimated $20,000. There was no word Wednesday whether the two incidents are connected.


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