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More than 40 Denver-Salt Lake flights canceled due to blizzard

SALT LAKE CITY — Severe blizzard conditions at the Denver International Airport caused a large number flights to or from Salt Lake City to be canceled Wednesday.

In total, 20 flights from the Salt Lake City International Airport to Denver were canceled, in addition to 21 coming the other way. Five other flights bound for Denver were rerouted to Salt Lake City as of Wednesday afternoon because of weather concerns in Colorado, said Salt Lake airport spokeswoman Nancy Volmer.

The canceled flights represented around 5 percent of scheduled air traffic in and out of Salt Lake City, according to Volmer.

The powerful spring blizzard stranded travelers at Denver's airport and shut down hundreds of miles of highway in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska as it spread into the Midwest on Wednesday.

Snow blown by gusts up to around 50 mph made it unsafe for planes to land or take off at the airport, leading officials to close it around midday. The closure came hours after long flight delays caused by power outages at the airport's fuel depot and de-icing supply and the cancellation of about a third of the airport's daily flights.

In Denver, the road to the airport was also impassable because of blowing snow so passengers at the airport were told to stay there until it was safe to drive again.

— Ben Lockhart, Associated Press