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Book review: 'His Redeeming Power' shares hope, excitement for forgiveness, repentance

"HIS REDEEMING POWER: Cleansed on Conditions of Repentance," by David P. Fisler, Cedar Fort, $12.99, 160 pages (nf)

Repentance is a tough subject for many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its essential role in the pursuit of salvation is well-understood by most, and yet there is a sense of shame and fear that often accompanies the process of confessing and forsaking.

"His Redeeming Power: Cleansed on Conditions of Repentance" by David P. Fisler aims to remove this trepidation and foster an excitement for and hope through repentance. The result is a highly edifying read that can help soften hearts and bring its readers earnestly to their knees.

The unique key of “His Redeeming Power” is that it strikes the difficult balance between being comprehensive in scope and simple to apply. The tone is approachable and conversational, and Fisler draws many relatable stories from his experiences as a bishop. The transition between understanding and applying concepts is seamless, leaving the reader with a solid yet personalized sense of what he or she needs to do after putting the book down. Fisler cultivates the Spirit powerfully through his words, allowing the book to strike at the heart of each reader’s struggles and needs.

“His Redeeming Power” breaks the principle of repentance into many bite-sized chunks, guiding the readers through the process, from recognizing their sins to forgiving themselves and moving on as changed beings. Each chapter is devoted to one aspect of the repentance process, giving inspirational advice, scriptural and personal anecdotes, and helpful application ideas for each topic.

“His Redeeming Power” is also for those who find themselves avoiding formal repentance but wanting to become better individuals. The potential for peace the instructions in the book can bring has the capacity to change the spiritual course of its readers and effectively achieves the goal Fisler sets out to reach in helping others to approach God in more earnest and hopeful repentance.

Jennifer Ball is a freelance journalist out of Los Angeles specializing in food criticism and LDS media.