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Letter: Governor Kasich

Last week, I attended a town hall meeting with Governor John Kasich at Davis High School and heard him speak intelligently about a number of issues ranging from health care to public education, social security to the national debt. I also heard him speak on the radio over a year ago. I was impressed at the time with his common-sense approaches and with his compassion for the less fortunate. Since then, in the Republican presidential debates, I have watched him speak and act in a dignified, forthright manner. He has taken the high road.

I left the town hall yesterday with the impression that God has had a profound impact on him. I have noted that his actions, policies and words all seem to reflect his belief in God as well as his love for the people he will serve as president. What I see is an honest, wise statesman who is good to his core. I’m convinced more than ever that he would be a great president.

Aaron Eliason