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Some Davis County residents concerned about potential highway markers

FARMINGTON — Some Davis County residents say they're confused about new markers placed along the wetlands in Farmington.

The Utah Department of Transportation purchased land in western Davis County with the intention of finding a way to alleviate northbound traffic. One of the proposals was to build a new highway.

Farmington resident Lori Kalt said she became worried after bright red survey markers popped up in her neighborhood. She said she's heard about UDOT's plan for a highway in the area, but is having a hard time understanding why it needs be built along Farmington's wetland, bringing pollution and affecting western views.

UDOT officials said there are no plans yet. As of now they're simply staking out potential areas to build a highway.

“It’s something we’re looking at very closely because we understand that the roadway will be intrusive if it goes through certain parts of the community,” said UDOT communications director Joseph Walker.

UDOT already owns a parcel of land at Buffalo Ranch. It said buying properties like that in advance is part of its normal course of operation.

“We know there’s a possibility we may be putting a roadway in a certain place, we’ll buy what right of way we can,” Walker said.

He said at this point, the stakes do not indicate a final mapped-out plan. In the meantime, he's asking residents not to worry.

“People will have an opportunity to have their input before anything is actually moving forward,” he said.

UDOT officials were not able to provide any dates for when they'll have final plans for the project.

But if they go through, the new highway will extend through several communities in Farmington, Kaysville and west Kaysville, as well as areas in northern Davis County.