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Letter: Utah and Democrats

Utah Democrats proved something very important this week: If we show up for the general election, just like we did for caucus night, Utah would not be a red state. The amount of caucus attendees that showed up on Tuesday night was unbelievable and record breaking. These numbers not only prove that Democrats exist in our state, but that we exist in great numbers, and that if we vote, Utah’s political landscape will change drastically.

Utah Democrats are running for election all the way down the ticket, all across the state. If these new voters truly want a political revolution, it starts right here in your local offices. We have incredible Democrats running for Governor, US Senate, US House, and just about every other seat that is up for election in November. These candidates need your time and your vote. It’s time for Utahns to be represented and listened to. Get out, be involved, vote, and let’s change this state for the better.

Marcus Stevenson