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Letter: Move forward

What will it take to bring decency back to politics? It seems like doing what is right for our country is secondary to pushing forth the agenda of a political party. This applies to both parties. Whether Merrick Garland is the right choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy or not is not the issue. It seems like "I'm in power so it is going to be my way or no way." Can't we move forward with due process?

Our legislators, both federal and state, were elected to represent the people. It does not feel like they are representing us. It seems that the needs of the people are pushed aside in favor of political agendas.

It is also sad that some one can step forth to try and represent the views of the people and be so brutally assassinated by their opponents and the media. We must make changes. Maybe the changes start with us. Let's not stand for this behavior. Let your voice be heard.

Paul Mendenhall