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Mother of five missing 4 months found dead on Provo property

PROVO — The body of a mother of five missing since October has been found in a thicket on the northeast side of Provo.

Provo police confirmed that the body spotted Wednesday by hikers walking on their property above the 4200 block of Chapel View Circle is that of Nicole Harris, 41. The body was found in a thicket of scrub oak and was initially unidentifiable. A medical examiner on Thursday confirmed the remains were those of Harris, also known as "Nikki."

Harris was last seen in front of her Provo home on Oct. 24, when neighbors told police she was acting "disoriented" and was outside despite not being dressed for the rain and wind.

Volunteers combed the area searching for Harris, who had been known to disappear for a few days at a time in the past, according to police and family members.

There were no immediate signs of foul play in Harris' death, according to Provo police.

The department offered condolences to the woman's family in a social media post Thursday.

"We have notified the Harris family of this development, and we wish to extend our condolences during this difficult time. While this isn’t the desired outcome, we hope this update will provide both the family, and the community, some measure of closure," police wrote.

Harris' husband of 13 years, Kevin, emphasized in November how much he and the couple's children love her.

"My wife is my best friend. I think we've spent maybe two or three days apart at most," he said at the time.


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