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Letter: Strengthening security

In today’s world, there’s increasing danger at public events. We’ve seen the Boston Marathon bombing, the Dark Night shooting, the Paris Bombing, school shootings and, more recently, the Belgium bombing. These tragedies have not only hurt the people involved, but have had a ripple effect on hundreds, even thousands, of people who are deeply moved by these events. When will the world decide to protect its people?

After 9/11, security at airports was stepped up to help guarantee safety to innocent travelers. Unfortunately, these people are not allowed the same safety in their communities. It’s time for the world to strengthen security in public places, such as concerts, theaters and other gatherings.

Whether it’s bag checks at movies or metal detectors at festivals, little pushes for safety are steps in the right direction. Our world spends extreme amounts on exterior public defense; it’s time to defend the interior. We aren’t only protecting ourselves, but potentially sparing the lives of our families, friends and colleagues. The devastation that Belgium has seen has hurt their people greatly. Why should we go through this same trial if we can prepare in advance?

When will we learn? Let’s make our security a top priority.

Sarah Pugsley