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Layton police remind residents of common code violations

LATYON — The Layton Police Department wants to remind residents of some the most common code enforcement violations in the city.

  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles: All vehicles must be licensed and operable. Any inoperable or unlicensed vehicles must be removed from residents’ property or stored in an enclosed structure. This includes any and all vehicle parts. If vehicles are being restored, a restoration permit is required and can be obtained from the department.

Soft surface parking: All vehicles and trailers must be parked on a hard surface. All parking areas must be permanently maintained with an all-weather surface such as concrete, asphalt or gravel, and parking areas must be kept free of all vegetation. Parking is not allowed on landscaped areas.

Weeds: All weeds on residents’ property must be maintained so they do not exceed 12-inches in height. This includes the parking strip. All trimmings must be removed from the property.

Outdoor storage: All solid waste, litter and discarded or unused items, such as building materials, construction equipment and vehicle parts, must be removed from property or stored in an enclosed structure.

Street and sidewalk obstructions: Trees and bushes must be cut and maintained 7 feet above the sidewalk and 13 feet 6 inches above the street. This includes all trees and bushes in the parking strip. In addition, streets and sidewalks must be kept clear of dirt, landscaping items and play equipment.

Parking: Vehicles cannot be parked too far from the curb or facing traffic; vehicles cannot be parked across the sidewalk; vehicles cannot be parked on the street if they are mechanically or legally inoperable; recreational vehicles may only be parked on the road for purposes of loading and unloading and never more than 24 hours; and semitrailers — with or without trailers — cannot be parked in residential areas.