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New Scott Sterling sketch from ‘Studio C’ making national, international headlines

From Utah County to the United Kingdom, a video posted Monday by BYUtv's sketch comedy show "Studio C" is making headlines.

Just three days after the release of a new sketch featuring the character Scott Sterling, the video has garnered over 6 million views. The video is a sequel to a November 2014 soccer shootout sketch, which now has over 38 million views on YouTube.

In the new video, Sterling brings a victory to the Yale Bulldogs by blocking volleyball shots with his face.

Sports websites such as, BreatheSport, ESPN, ESPN affiliate SportsCenter, NOTSportsCenter, Sports Comedy and NBCSports took to Twitter to share the sequel.

The Twitter accounts for USA Volleyball and YouTube Creators also shared the video.

Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post and CNET featured the sketch on their websites.

For the Win, part of USA Today Sports, interviewed Matt Meese, the actor who plays Sterling. In the interview, Meese discussed the possibility of a third video.

“If we have something like fun and different to do, then we’ll do it,” Meese said. “That’s kind of our rule of thumb when we try to bring something back. Do we have something new to say? And if so, yes!”

The video has also been shared internationally, including on French news website L’Equipe; Dutch websites VKMag and; Publika.MD, a Romanian website; Spanish websites Sport and Tiempo; Panorama, an Italian website; and Scotland's Daily Record.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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