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Letter: Use the death penalty

Why keep the death penalty? I have personal experience with the death of a loved one by someone who had no compassion, no remorse, no human feelings at all.

Every day I am so relieved that I will never hear his name, I will never see his face on the news, I will never have to worry about seeing him on the street. I will never read of another appeal or how he is being treated. I will never have to think about him again.

Please, lawmakers, consider those of us who have been, or still are, victims of these monsters. Until you have lived through this, you have no idea how your entire life is changed. Those on death row are there because of the choices they made with no thought of how many lives would never be the same again. The system should work for us as well as for them. Keep the death penalty and use it.

Sharon Olson

Salt Lake City