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BYU football notebook: Hannemann and Brown give a thumbs up to position changes

PROVO — A year after starting all 13 games at cornerback as a sophomore, Micah Hannemann is being switched to safety.

Four spring practices into the move, Hannemann is feeling at home and hopeful he'll stick at his new position.

"I feel it's my natural position and it's what I was recruited to play while here at BYU," Hannemann said. "So I hope it's permanent because I love playing it. I can help out at cornerback like I did last year, but I feel safety is what I'm best suited for and where I can help out most."

A big reason Hannemann spent last season playing cornerback was a lack of depth, at least according to the 6-foot, 200-pound Lone Peak product.

"This year we have more depth at corner so it allows me to make the move and, like I said, I'm all for it," Hannemann said. "I love being there. I love coach (Ed) Lamb (safeties coach) and I feel I'm really progressing at the spot so far."

Hannemann's new position is basically as a strong safety, a spot that involves many of the same precepts as playing cornerback.

"I always line up to the strength of the (offensive) formation, but I'm still more of a cover guy," Hannemann explained. "It's sort of like having a third cornerback out there, so it's like a perfect match for me considering where I played last year. It's sort of the spot for a bigger corner and a smaller safety type, which is what I am, so it's perfect for me. I love it."

As for coach Lamb, Hannemann took to his new position coach almost immediately.

"It's different with coach Lamb and the other coaches," Hannemann said. "The old way was to motivate out of fear in a way. The new way is more personable and more player-friendly. Either way works, it's just a different way of doing things. I personally enjoy getting yelled at and that works for me, but I definitely like the new way as well and how the new coaches work with us."

BROWN'S NEW ROLE: Algernon Brown was BYU's leading rusher last season, but this season may mean fewer opportunities to carry the football.

One big reason is the return of Jamaal Williams, who sat out last season after recovering from an injury, among other issues. Another reason is that Brown will play more like a fullback rather than a tailback in offensive coordinator Ty Detmer's more traditional system.

As for taking on a new role, Brown is all for it.

"In years past, coach (Mark) Atuaia always told me that if (I) wanted to make it to the next level I'd be a fullback," Brown, a 6-foot-1, 245-pound senior, said. "So it's always been in the back of mind. So I think this has been a really good opportunity for me."


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