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New bridge to be installed over I-15 at Hill Field Road

SALT LAKE CITY — Some Davis County drivers will have to deal with a few construction-related traffic headaches for a couple of days.

The Utah Department of Transportation on Wednesday warned Davis County drivers to plan ahead for an overnight closure in Layton as crews install a new I-15 bridge over Hill Field Road.

UDOT said the road is scheduled to close under I-15 at 9 p.m. Wednesday and reopen at 6 a.m. Thursday. During the closure, all freeway on- and offramps will remain accessible. However, drivers wanting to cross under the freeway at Hill Field Road should use Antelope Drive or Layton Parkway as alternates, project manager Brett Slater said.

The closure will allow construction crews to put the new northbound I-15 bridge into place, Slater said. By constructing the bridge adjacent to the old one and then sliding it into place, traffic delays and inconvenience to drivers will be minimized, he added.

"(This project) will make the road more efficient," Slater said. "We took a road that was not functioning for (traffic) mobility and made it so that it is functioning quite well."

Crews are reconstructing the I-15 interchange at Hill Field Road as a single-point urban interchange, he said. The reconstructed interchange, along with several nearby ThrU Turn intersections, are part of a project to improve the flow of traffic and reduce delays in the Layton area, Slater said.

A similar closure is scheduled to take place in a few weeks when the new southbound bridge is put into place at Hill Field Road, he said.

Slater noted that the budget for all the improvements on the yearlong project is an estimated $28 million. The project is scheduled for completion in August.

Visit or download the UDOT Traffic app to access more information about the Hill Field Road interchange.


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