Students at Brigham Young University wanted to create a robotic foosball table that could outplay humans, and a YouTube video uploaded Monday showcases the successful class project.

Using a camera, the robotic table senses the proximity of the ball to one the foosball players. When the ball approaches, the rod moves, and one of the figurines kicks the ball.

“It actually reacts a lot faster than humans,” professor D. J. Lee said in the video.

The engineering students developed the project over the course of the last semester. One of the students told BYU News that it has become hard for humans to beat the robotic table.

“It’s becoming a challenge for us to beat the artificial intelligence,” Nathan Warner told BYU News. “You think, ‘Oh, yeah, humans ultimately should always be better than the computer,’ but we’re actually struggling to keep up.”

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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