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Book review: 'Catching Lucas Riley' is a humorous, witty romance

"CATCHING LUCAS RILEY," by Lauren Winder Farnsworth, Bonneville Books, $13.99, 192 pages (f)

Equipped with both brains and beauty, Alex is quite a catch. She's a dietitian who helps new moms at the hospital, coaches swimming and stands at almost 6 feet tall with thick, red hair.

If only Lucas Riley was interested in fishing. As Utah State University's star wide receiver and elders quorum president in their young single adult ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he's not looking for love because he's waiting for a missionary.

But Alex will do almost anything to try to get him to notice her, even if it means enlisting the help of Lucas' best friend, Sealy Witchburn, a cunning man whose very name drips foreboding.

"Catching Lucas Riley" by Lauren Winder Farnsworth is a delightful, clean romance adept at capturing readers and holding them till the very last page. Farnsworth does a great job of alluding to "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen without letting the original story overshadow her own retelling.

Farnsworth's characters are witty with complexities that keep the story interesting. Accompanied by her excellent choice of situational humor, the book provides frequent laugh-out-loud moments.

Farnsworth’s clean novel is devoid of swearing, violence or sex (though it has minor depictions of kissing), and is set amid the backdrop of a beautiful fall in Logan, Utah.

The ease with which Farnsworth narrates is perhaps the best part of the book. Her writing never gets in the way of telling the story. It's a pleasure to read. Readers who loved "Edenbrooke" by Julianne Donaldson will find in "Catching Lucas Riley" a contemporary but similarly paced book packed with humor and romance.

Miranda H. Lotz is an avid book lover, mother and adoring wife. She blogs about her journey as a mother of a special-needs child at