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Dog rescued in Hurricane after spending 8 hours in a hole

HURRICANE — Search and rescue crews saved a dog that had been stuck in a hole in the ground for eight anxious hours Sunday, authorities said.

The dog became stranded in the hole after falling into it around 11 a.m. while on a walk with its owners near an area west of Hurricane called Quail Creek Ranch, according to police.

The hole went into the ground for about 10 feet at an angle and then dropped off about 3 feet to 4 feet at the end, where the dog got stuck, Hurricane Police Sgt. Brandon Buell said.

The dog owners, their family members and police dug around the hole but couldn't get around several large rocks that needed to be removed for the dog to get out, Buell said. Animal control officers also tried to retrieve the dog but were unable to make any progress, he said.

The Washington County Water Conservancy District, which owns the land where the dog fell, responded with a backhoe to remove the rocks and create a hole large enough for a person to fit through.

Brett Cahoon, a member of the Washington County Search and Rescue ropes team, was sent into the hole and retrieved the dog, Buell said.

“I could tell they really loved their dog, and I thought the area was safe enough that I was willing to go into the hole to see if I could save her,” Cahoon said in a statement Tuesday.

Craig Davis, who owns the rescued dog — a Jack Russell terrier named Libby — thanked those who used their expertise to save his pet's life.

“The hole was no bigger than a steering wheel,” Davis said in a statement. “It’s remarkable what people are willing to do to help others. We’re so grateful for everyone who literally spent all day rescuing Libby.”

Libby was in good condition Tuesday, Buell reported.


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