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What's new: '10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission' shares helpful experiences

"10 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER WHILE PREPARING FOR A MISSION," by Benjamin Hyrum White, Cedar Fort, $10.99, 46 minutes (nf)

LDS seminary teacher and youth speaker Benjamin Hyrum White's audio CD, "10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission," is chock-full of inspirational moments for those getting ready to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

White first explains that it was when he heard a general conference talk called "The Greatest Generation of Missionaries" by Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles that he starting focussing on helping youths prepare for missions. The October 2002 talk dealt with "raising the bar" for prospective missionaries.

The 10 questions White proposes are insightful and relevant to missionary work. He includes questions about gaining a testimony, working 60-hour workweeks, learning to feel and recognize the spirit of God and being worthy to serve.

The CD has several inspirational missionary stories about those who have served, are serving or are preparing to serve missions. White uses personal examples from his full-time mission, the scriptures, and the words and stories of past and present LDS leaders. His list of LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley's (1995-2008) 22 blessings for serving a mission is wonderful and is included on the inside of the CD jacket cover.

Some of the best moments on the CD are when White speaks candidly about the challenges missionaries face. Rejection is common among missionaries, he said, so it is important for men and women to know what success looks like.

White shares a touching personal story about overcoming the challenges of not having any baptisms after serving for a year in the Denver Colorado North Mission.

"I can't base the success of my mission on someone else's agency," he says.

White is upbeat, positive and honest in his presentation. The audio quality of the CD is clear, but the recording was obviously made in a large chapel or cultural hall, complete with background noises.

White has also published a book by the same title.