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Letter: GMO's safe?

I read with interest the editorial you reprinted from the LA Times this week regarding GMO’s. The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine in a "sweeping" but otherwise unspecified study found them safe for man or beast. They cause no cancers, allergies, or any other ailments. So they said.

Can these organizations guarantee the veracity of prior studies and the safety of every GMO already on the market? They can’t. An investigation of this magnitude would take years and require hundreds or thousands of scientists. Would the FDA or the industry put up the money? No, the best they could do was simply to rubber stamp what had already been claimed about GMO safety by the industry and its alleged watchdogs at the FDA.

Significantly, the GMO purveyors have over the years spared no effort or expense to suppress or discredit the work of scientists who have proved the harmful nature of GMO’s in the laboratory. After all, profits are at stake.

The consumer’s bottom line: if GMO’s are safe, why is the industry exerting all its power to keep them off the ingredient lists of foods we eat every day?

Bart Carter