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Letter: 'No one left behind'

Memorial Day speeches again remind us that our military forces have been buoyed by the inspiring motto of “No one left behind.” Each soldier can better face the fears of battle relying on that promise from his peers that, no-matter-what, should he be injured or killed, he will not be abandoned on that battlefield, will not be left behind.

This month, the Legislature’s watered-down Medicaid plan is open for public comment. As written, it does good service for a few. However, our task remains mostly undone. Too many of our “soldiers,” our young workers, mothers and fathers, are being left behind. Our community expects them to bravely toil for the good of all, but gives them no comforting pledge of rescue. Should they happen to be injured, ill, or fall under their burdens, we make no promise to return for them. Our leaders have chosen to abandon these citizens to fend for themselves. Let them toil under threat that a minor injury or illness may leave them unemployed, perhaps homeless and helpless. The hope, the bravery, the shared honor and the camaraderie that comes with the promise of “No one left behind” is not offered here in Utah.

William E. Cosgrove, MD

Cottonwood Heights