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Woman who helped take officers hostage will spend 82 years in prison

CRAIG, Colo. — A woman convicted of helping disarm and kidnap two officers near the Utah-Colorado border has been sentenced to 82 years in prison.

Georgie Louise Hand, 44, was given eight consecutive prison sentences Monday for her role in the March 9, 2015, kidnapping north of U.S. 40 about 20 miles east of the Utah-Colorado border.

Hand was a fugitive wanted in multiple states, along with James Brent Damon, 46, when they crossed paths with the two officers who were investigating a trespassing report after Damon's vehicle was spotted on private property north of U.S. 40.

Armed with a 9 mm handgun and a BB gun, the couple disarmed Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Nathan Martinez and Moffat County sheriff's deputy Bhrent Shock and held them hostage near Dinosaur, Colorado.

While Hand took Martinez's keys to check out his patrol vehicle, Damon had the two officers on the side of the couple's SUV that could not be seen from the highway, according to police.

Believing they were about to be executed, Martinez grappled with Damon in an effort to regain his gun. During the ensuing struggle, the officer took his gun back and shot Damon in the head, killing him. The shooting was determined to be legally justified.

A jury in Moffat County, Colorado, found Hand guilty in April of two counts of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, disarming a peace officer, menacing and criminal trespass.

In a statement released Monday, Routt County District Attorney Brett Barkey praised the strong prison sentence.

"The court's sentence of 82 years in prison sent a strong message of deterrence to those who would consider attacking our first responders," Barkey said. "That Ms. Hand will likely spend the rest of her life in prison is an entirely appropriate result for a felon on parole who culminated a multistate crime spree by kidnapping and robbing two officers. As importantly, this sentence provides some justice for the impact of Ms. Hand's crimes on the officers, their families and this community."


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