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Fire damages West Valley apartment complex

WEST VALLEY CITY — Flames were seen "venting out" a back window of an apartment complex Tuesday at 5778 Lock Raven Court (2725 South).

Firefighters responded to the fire about 2 p.m. after multiple calls from neighbors and the family who lived inside the apartment. Firefighters could see the rising smoke as they left the fire station, West Valley Fire Battalion Chief Bob Fitzgerald said.

The blaze was burning in a single apartment unit on the third floor. Upon arrival, firefighters entered the building to put water on the fire, Fitzgerald said. They also sprayed water on the fire through the back window outside.

The fire was knocked down "relatively quickly," according to Fitzgerald. No residents or firefighters were injured.

"Everyone was out safely, so we’re grateful for that," he said.

Firefighters accessed the attic of the apartment unit and looked in the windows of the adjacent units, checking for smoke.

Authorities said they have an idea of how the fire started but weren't public releasing a cause until investigators have talked to the family who lived in the apartment unit.